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Social Media

We can make sure you aren’t wasting any second yelling into the abyss by having an effective social media strategy with engaging content to target your best demographic, whether that’s in Romania, Cluj, or beyond.


Smart strategies built to engage your target audience. The result? Positive awareness, increased brand loyalty, confidence building, positive reputation, sales and business success.

Marketing Strategy

When challenge hits, we're ready to succeed. Our marketing solutions successfully develop and protect our clients' brands during even the most difficult situations. We carefully solved and we responded to many different challenges. Our objective in marketing strategy is the same: build awareness around our projects, create brand advocates and drive sales.

Digital Branding

Make your first impression count. Whether you're introducing a new product or a new label, your digital branding is the opportunity to set a solid start. Together, we'll make sure that, in the shortest time possible, your launch grabs the attention it deserves and marks the beginning of an opening with your target market.

Media Relations

A positive endorsement from experienced key influencers, journalists and stakeholders is a proven and powerful way to gain public credibility, change perceptions, gain trust and sway purchasing decisions. We track our projects closely, with clearly outlined key performance indicators, to determine and get good results. Every step we take throughout the course of our projects is aimed at moving the needle to the right point.

RedHot Analytics

It can take years to build a positive and strong brand reputation and just few seconds to destroy it. Reputation management is at the core of all our ideas. We take a proactive approach, creating strategies that consolidate positive perceptions and gently correct negative ones.

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